About us

London Drama School, Students

A brief history

The Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School, which is a not for profit organisation, opened in 2001 as a Prince’s Trust Business. Since then it has won 3 Business of London Awards and has a growing reputation within the performing arts industry.

Our philosophy

Our guiding principle is to provide a safe, supportive environment for young people to explore the performing arts, whether they have dreams of entering the profession or simply wish to use the performing arts classes to learn some valuable life enhancing skills. Students are put in classes according to their age and follow a timetable of drama / film, dance and singing. Set and costume design provides an occasional alternative. This timetable is put in place to ensure that students become all round performers.

Why don’t you have a look at what our drama schools in London can offer you? Our drama schools are located in North London, Hackney, Docklands, Bethnal Green and Lewisham.

For details about our term dates, time-tables and how to apply please go to our Schools section as listed above.

Our Hackney and North London schools take place on Saturdays, 9.30am – 2pm or 2.30pm – 5.30pm

Our Bethnal Green branch takes place on Tuesdays 5pm – 8pm

Our Docklands Branch takes place on Wednesdays 5pm – 8pm

Our Lewisham Branch takes place on Thursdays 5pm – 8pm

Fiorentini Weenies for 4 – 6 year olds take place in Hackney, North London & Clapham.

We believe in