Case Studies

Case Studies

The Anna Fiorentini Drama Schools have a wonderful alumni of students who have had many successes whilst at the drama school and since leaving. We keep a close relationship with as many students and families as we can and love to hear how they are getting on.

Tahj Miles

Photo of Tahj MilesTahj Miles joined the Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School at the age of 7 taking classes in Singing, Acting, Dance and Acting for Screen. It became apparent very quickly that Tahj had a natural talent in performing arts as well as the commitment and dedication required to succeed in this industry. Along with other Anna Fiorentini students, Tahj won an astonishing 7 awards at the National Starpower competition as part of a Jackson 5 Tribute Act playing the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. 

After signing with the Anna Fiorentini Agency Tahj was offered a role in the West End’s production of Oliver! and was soon upgraded to the role of Fagin Gang Member, Nipper. During this time, Tahj worked along side actors such as Keri Ellis, Jodie Prenger, Griff Rhys-Jones and Russ Abbott.

With almost no time to catch his breath Tahj was accepted in to Disney’s Cub School at which he trained for 6 months along side his Anna Fiorentini training and was subsequently cast as Simba in the West End production of The Lion King where he performed for over a year.

Soon after, Tahj was offered the role of Tommy in the critically acclaimed Matilda the Musical with the RSC performing for over 6 months at the Cambridge Theatre. Still with a love of theatre, Tahj then moved on to the National Theatre performing as Arnie in Emil & the Detectives.

During these 5 years Tahj has also secured commercial contracts with Lego and Sainsbury’s and never ceases to amaze us with his talent and dedication. We can’t wait to see what is in store for Tahj next. You can hear more about his adventures at


Stephen Obafemi

Stephen Obafemi - alumni memberStephen Obafemi attended the Anna Fiorentini Drama School from the age of 15-18 years and now at 21, he continues to be involved with the drama school by volunteering at the school. He is still a member of the Anna Fiorentini Agency as an alumni member and regularly attends auditions.

During his time at the school Stephen performed at the Hackney Empire as well as booking a commercial campaign with Tesco amongst other jobs. Looking back at his time at the drama school Stephen now feels that the school added structure to his life and gave him an experience he'll never forget. The school enabled him to enhance his passion for acting whilst meeting many professionals along the way. It was the Drama and Film classes which had the most influence on him. The teachers at the drama school taught him to love the industry for the art and the art only. Stephen is now a student at Southampton Universty studying Advertising, so you never know, it could be Stephen booking our students in the future.


Orla Hill

Orla Hill - Actress Orla has been a member of the Anna Fiorentini Drama School for over 5 years and throughout this time has become involved in all aspects of the school. As well as securing some strong friendships and having fun, Orla has learnt valuable lessons about time keeping, team work and how to concentrate and focus in whatever she does. 

From day one, Orla showed a mature approach to performing and has remained committed throughout. This led to her joining the Anna Fiorentini Agency and landing some notable roles, most famously along side Vanessa Redgrave, Terrance Stamp and Christopher Eccleston in British feature film, Song for Marion. Orla continues to attend auditions regularly and has worked on numerous short films this year. She is always working on her craft as an actress and gaining from every experience she encounters.

Orla is a dedicated member of the Anna Fiorentini Performance Troupe who work tirelesly to support the Fiorentini Foundation and their fellow students.


Zoe Sadler

Zoe Sadler - Alumni MemberWhen I started at the Anna Fiorentini Theatre and Film school aged 8 I was shy and introverted, but had an undeniable passion for performing (manifested in my Spice Girls karaoke sessions in my front room). Similarly, on my first day at the school, I was very nervous as I couldn’t tell between my pas de bourrée and my pirouette, or my major and my minor scale. However, ten years at the school has not only developed my skills in singing, dance and drama, but made me a confident young adult with a passion for performance, and an ambition to pursue that passion further.

Growing up with an older sister with severe autism meant I could rarely have friends round, and couldn’t enjoy family occasions such as holidays or days out. In this way, the school provided an opportunity where I could have fun outside of the often stressful home environment, make lots of friends, and do something I was interested in. Additionally, as my love of performing developed from a weekend hobby to a real passion, I become more determined to continue my training, and experience the industry professionally.

To this extent, the school had aided my academic studies enormously, through GCSE’s to my A-levels, which I have just finished sitting. My training at the school had undeniably given me a more informed and confident approach to A-level drama, and a richer understanding of many of the styles, practitioners and plays studied. Similarly, the practical approach to performing texts has given me invaluable skills in studying drama texts in A-level English Literature. Furthermore, whilst balancing studying with performing in three pantomimes and preparing for auditions and LAMDA exams has been challenging, it has only made me more determined to excel in both. I’m now looking forward to studying Theatre and English at the University of Bristol in October this year, and then hope to go on to train at a drama school.

Through the outstanding teaching and amazing performance opportunities provided by the school, I have been given a platform to enjoy and enrich my passion for performing. Now aged 18, leaving the school which has been such an integral part of my life for over a decade feels slightly surreal, but I will undoubtedly take all the skills, friends and memories it has given me over the years with me.


Jermain Jackman

Jermain Jackman - Alumni MemberJermain Jackman, now most famously known for winning The Voice UK 2014 is an Anna Fiorentini Young Ambassador and former student of the drama school. Before teaming up with Will.I.Am, Jermain was spotted by AF staff members Anna and Rhiannon at a local talent competition in Hackney. After being blown away by his voice and performance he was offered a place at the school and studied singing, acting, dance and acting for screen. Jermain performed with his fellow classmates at the Hackney Empire and again, wowed the crowds.

As a supporter of his local community, Jermain joined the Anna Fiorentini Performance Troupe and performed at community events and for corporate companies including a performance at the Emirates Stadium.

The Anna Fiorentini staff are all extremely proud of Jermain's achievements and know that he will be a huge success in the music industry. Jermain continues to support the work of the drama school and Fiorentini Foundation and offers support and experience to our current students who look up to him.