It's Raining Men

raining menChallenge accepted

In early 2015 we searched high and low for men that had a sense of humour and 3 left feet to take part in our Man Up challenge.
This challenge was set to raise funds for the Fiorentini Foundation which supports disadvantaged inner city children via the performing arts.
We managed to recruit 9 men, most of whom had never danced before.
They attended just 2 dance workshops given by Mark Short, who has choreographed artists including Tina Turner, Peter Andre and Ant n’ Dec.
Then on Saturday 18th July they performed a dance routine to It’s Raining Men as part of Stage & the City’s first showcase.
It was the final act of Act 1 and as you can imagine it brought the house down. Whoops and cheers and women near to tears!
These wonderful guys managed to raise just over £500 for the charity. They had set up a BT Donate page and also had a collection from the audience as soon as their dance routine had finished. As one participant said, “I couldn’t believe that they were slipping £10 notes into my hands”.
Not only did it give the participants and the audience a warm, fuzzy feeling it also meant that several more children can now attend the Anna Fiorentini School which helps young people increase in confidence, self-esteem and live skills.

“I was overwhelmed by how generous these guys were, giving up their time and willing to have a laugh. The first rehearsal took place on a Thursday evening when there was the tube strike. And yet they all still managed to attend, breathless and sweaty…and that was before the rehearsal had even begun. That’s when I knew we had a team to be proud of.”






                                                                                                          - Anna Fiorentini founder of Stage & the City