Anna Fiorentini Students work with Nickelodeon

Anna Fiorentini Students work with Nickelodeon

03 Jun 14
AF News

Last week we were very proud to see 19 of our students, from across the Anna Fiorentini schools come together and work with Nickelodeon. For many of them, this was their first time working with a professional production company and the feedback from all was very positive. Students were playing the role of school children, so although it isn’t a million miles away from their everyday lives, they were faced with some surprises along the way that wouldn’t happen at school every day! At this stage we’re not allowed to say any more about this production, but as soon as details of its air date are sent through we will be sure to let the Anna Fiorentini family know so they can support these students and cheer on their fellow classmates.

We have been lucky to welcome Nickelodeon to the school on a number of occasions for filming, including Anubis Unlocked and TeeNick as well as having agency students work with them on projects such as Yo Gabba Gabba and Upick.

We can’t wait for the next project with them!

Rhiannon Mosson