AF Office Internship

AF Office Internship

27 Mar 17
School Blog

When I first started at the Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School, I really did not know what to expect as a new and temporary intern. As with all my past jobs, the first morning commute to the office was filled with nerves, questions, and overall uncertainty about how my first day would go. As an American, I was also worried about not understanding dialects or having communication lost in translation. As soon as I walked into the office, however, all of my anxieties and first day fears immediately disappeared.

The reality of it all was that there was no need to be so nervous. The entire office was extremely welcoming and helped me learn the routines and structure of the company right away. Rhiannon especially worked (and continues to work) on making sure my goals as an intern are being met while working at Anna Fiorentini.

While still adjusting to the new setting on my first day, I could not help but observe and notice all that the women in the office did. From contacting schools, families, & companies and scheduling weekly courses to running the school’s social media & website to running the agency & finances, I was quickly and still am thoroughly impressed and amazed by all this team does to keep the school running smoothly. With everything they do, their passion for the school and for giving their kids and everyone involved the best experience possible is evident. Hearing everyone in the office talk so genuinely about their love for the schools made me want to visit one of them myself. Last Wednesday, Rhiannon offered for me to join her at the Docklands school and I was able to see for myself how the average school day worked.

Before leaving the office, Rhiannon told me I would be working with Nigel, one of the drama teachers at Anna Fiorentini. With Nigel, I was able to sit in on drama classes for all the different age groups and got to see all of the different acting methods and techniques being taught that helped the students understand the scenes and characters they were given. What caught my attention most was how much he cared about each student understanding what their scenes were about. If one student needed extra help with their motivation, lines, or movement, he would stop and work with them until they understood, even if it meant taking longer than other scenes.

I was also very impressed by how much the students wanted to learn what was being taught and how hard they worked to grasp new concepts. They all showed great comprehension of the advice and skills Nigel was teaching them, yet were not afraid to ask questions if they were lost or confused on a matter. These characteristics really showed how much these kids truly wanted to be there learning at the school. Watching them work really showed an obvious and profound love of the arts, from both the students and the teachers. Being at the school gave me a new insight to the company itself, one I could only grasp from seeing the classes firsthand. Really seeing the kids performing and learning new, invaluable skills in singing, dancing, and acting reminded me of why everyone feels so passionately about the school and its mission.

While I love working in the office, I would also love to return to the school and work with the kids again. It was wonderful to see how much great work is happening in different courses for all different age groups. Whether in the office or at the school, I am very grateful to be working in a place that cares so much for their students.

Catherine Collier