AF Office Internship Pt. II

AF Office Internship Pt. II

01 May 17
School Blog

For my final blog post, I wanted to write about my time interning at the Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School. In a recent post, I talked about starting my placement in January, getting to understand the way the company works, and my first experience at the Docklands school. Now that my internship is coming to an end, I want to take time to recount my involvement during the second half of the internship experience.


Since my last blog post about working at Anna Fiorentini, I have seen and experienced many more wonderful aspects of the theatre and film school. By interning in the office, I have seen just how much effort, planning, and care goes into making sure every component of the company runs successfully. Each office member works tirelessly to ensure that everything, from school management and finances to social media posts, is at its best. What amazes me is how the office focuses not only on the school, but also on all other parts of the organization, including Stage & the City, the Fiorentini Foundation, performance troupe, talent agency, and so much more. It is truly remarkable how this team of only five permanent members works so hard everyday to give their clients and students the best experience possible at Anna Fiorentini. Their passion and dedication is evident through their hard work, drive, and commitment to the organization and its mission.


Another experience I had recently was going back to the Docklands school. At the school, I was able to work with students individually and help them rehearse monologues for their upcoming LAMDA exams. It was incredible to see the kids perform these pieces, not only because it showed how talented they are, but because I also got a sense of how much these kids loved and appreciated the arts. Having worked with young and energetic children prior to my internship, I was amazed by how each Anna Fiorentini student came in well-prepared and memorized, ready to rehearse. While I only gave small performance notes like projection and line corrections, the kids were all eager and willing to take direction and improve their pieces in whatever way possible. It was clearly evident that they wanted to be there to learn how to improve their craft and work hard for something they loved, which was very honorable and refreshing to see.


Right before Easter weekend, I was able to spend three days at our week long Easter holiday course in Hackney. It was great to see a full production come together and simultaneously gain experience in a part of the organization outside of the official school and office. Along with three other enthusiastic volunteers, I assisted one of our teachers, Mark, in helping with the children and working behind the scenes.


Starting on the third day of the program, I was blown away by how much the kids learned and memorized in such a short period of time and by how much care and effort Mark put into the entire production process. From costumes to choreography, Mark’s dedication to the students and the organization clearly showed. Because of this, the children all felt motivated to their best possible work. In the three days I was present, I saw tremendous improvement in stage presence and confidence in the children, and was inspired by their love of performing.

Working at the Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School has been such an amazing and educational experience and I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with the wonderful staff and students involved. I have loved being a part of this organization, and look forward to hearing about all its future endeavors!

Catherine Collier