Internship Wrap Up - Kateri Milanesa

Internship Wrap Up - Kateri Milanesa

15 Dec 17
School Blog

My time here at Anna Fiorentini Theatre and Film school as an intern is quickly coming to an end, and I'm very sad. It is time for me to reflect on the time I’ve had here. I came into the office expecting not to know anything as I have little to no experience with theatre. I was also very nervous to meet the people I would be working with for the next 7 weeks. I was worried that they would not like me or that we would just be too different to get along. Thankfully, these fears did not come true. Everyone in the office are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. They are always willing to help me and answer any of the many questions I have. All those I came in contact with were so wonderful and welcoming to me.


I will also be taking away so many valuable experiences. Before starting this internship, I had absolutely no knowledge in the theatre and entertainment worlds. I now have learned various terminology and workings of a theater show. I was able to attend Fiorentini’s Got Talent. It was amazing seeing the students perform. They all blew me away. It shows how much the school has prepared each of the students to perform in such a manner. I have also gotten to see the inner workings of the agency and have seen how hard Rhiannon works. She really cares about each of the students and it is so great to see. She is a superstar! I also saw how hard Eva and Shadia work in the office, but they were always happy to have a chat with me every now and then. Anna is such a sweet woman and I am happy to have met her. She cares so much. I hope to keep in touch with each and every person in the office, as they are all so amazing.


I was able to attend the weekly classes at the Docklands school, which was my favorite part of the internship. They welcomed me in and made me feel at ease. I helped the students with running their lines and with figuring out how they would execute their performances. The students were always so amazed that I am from America. It was really funny to hear their take on an American accent. The students at that school are all so unique and talented. I am so happy I was able to see them grow in their art. They have not ceased to amaze me. The teachers at the Docklands were also very kind to me. It was wonderful seeing how much they care for each of the students and really want to see them grow and benefit. This was such a good experience for me, as I want to be a teacher. Going to the school each week solidified this goal for me.


I have had the best time here and could not have asked for a better internship. Everyone here is so lovely and I am happy I was able to meet them all. I have learned so much and am very grateful for this opportunity. I am very sad to leave London, but it will forever be in my heart. 

Kateri Milanesa