Theatre as a Start

Theatre as a Start

20 Apr 18
School Blog

Over the course of this blog series, I have emphasized the many ways I have witnessed, and I believe that theatre can be used as a tool, to educate, create community, gain life skills, and promote tolerance and peace.

I’ve found that the overarching theme throughout these posts has been that theatre, is a start.
A start to simply begin tackle some of our worlds most pertinent issues.

Theatre can be made so universal as it can connect with others on the deep human level. In my Blog, “Theatre as Education” I described theatre as “a non-threatening way to slap people in the face with your point”. What I mean is, theatre can be used to start the conversation, evoke ideas and emotion, without completely shoving one’s agenda in the audience’s face.

In my blog, “Theatre as tolerance” I described yet another way theatre was a start to a difficult conversation: religious tolerance and acceptance. Again, the show perfectly balanced sharing the directors vision and messages while allowing the audience to create their own revelations. Both of these examples demonstrate how theatre is a beginning, a start, one of the most malleable art forms for human thought.

Further, in my blog posts, “Theatre as Peace” I described forms of theatre such as “Theatre for the Oppressed” and “Reflective Action Dialogue” both of these are types of theatre that allow the audience to become engaged in the artwork, provoking them to think critically about many issues facing our society.

What I hope my readers can gain from my posts is greater perspective about the possibilities theatre can provide. I hope that readers can take away a better understanding of theatre, as it lives beyond the four walls.

Sela Webber