Internship Wrap Up - Sela Webber

Internship Wrap Up - Sela Webber

27 Apr 18
School Blog

As my time in London and at Anna Fiorentini is coming to a close I am so grateful for the many opportunities I have had in London, especially my internship at Anna Fiorentini.

Interning in a foreign country came with many anxieties, as I quickly found out that there are many differences between the U.S workplace culture and U.K. The staff at Anna Fiorentini accepted me with open arms. I am so grateful for the wonderful people I got to work with here. I am thankful for their tips of wisdom when navigating the city, their recommendations for good eats and good times, but mostly I am thankful for their friendships!

I will forever value my time spent in the classroom at Anna Fiorentini. I was able to visit the Docklands school on Wednesday evenings and work with students on their acting, dancing, and singing. The students were curious, talented, and an absolute joy in my week. My favorite week was Easter school, when I attended the classes every day of the week and helped the students to create their show. The students at Anna Fiorentini were excited about learning and eager to show their skills. My time working with them made me assured that my future career path would include working with kids and theatre.

I feel so lucky to have worked in the theatre industry in London. The staff and teachers at Anna Fiorentini are some of the most talented people I have met, and working with them to develop scenes and provide my personal input, I felt like I was really a part of something.

I hope that you came to enjoy some aspect of my blogs as I so enjoyed writing them. Also a big thank you to the Anna Fiorentini staff for such a phenomenal internship experience. I will miss London, I will miss the staff here, but I will carry with me the valuable skills and lessons I’ve learned in my short time here.

Sela Webber