Working Behind the Scenes in Performing Arts: Digital Marketing with Shadia Ashiru

Working Behind the Scenes in Performing Arts: Digital Marketing with Shadia Ashiru

08 Jan 18
School Blog

Running a performing arts school requires a lot of work. Here at the Anna Fiorentini School, we have lots of incredible dance, acting, and film teachers, but many other professionals are working hard behind the scenes doing a variety of different roles.

My name is Shadia Ashiru and I work as the Social Media and Content Manager for the school. I decided that I wanted to start a career in social media a few years ago after my uncle (who also works in the digital sector) suggested that it would be a good career path for me. My past jobs include working for a marketing agency as a Social Media Assistant and working as a Campaign Assistant for Crowdmix, a music social media app. I realised that I wanted to take it a step further and do an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing.

I've been working at the Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School for over a year and a half now, and it's the definitely one of the best job I've ever had. I’ve always had a strong interest in performing arts, especially dance, and I’m completely obsessed with musical theatre, so this role is perfect for me!

You’re probably thinking, what does my daily schedule look like? Well, it varies from day-to-day. Of course, I frequently publish posts on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Another crucial part of my job is content creation. This can include creating videos, designing posters and flyers as well as other promotional content. I need to think of ways to promote the school effectively, as well as to get people to engage with our content. Creating ad campaigns is important for businesses to increase brand awareness and attract new customers. Search engines such as Google are very effective platforms for us to run ad campaigns on (PPC), as well as social media platforms like Facebook. and Instagram.

As well as creating promotional content, I also film/photograph our classes and events, which is something that I enjoy doing. It’s nice for me to get out of the office and see first-hand what our students are working on and how talented they are! Showing people what our students are capable of achieving is very important. When I upload a video on YouTube or Instagram, I aim to motivate young people to want to come to our school and to see how great our students are. To achieve this, it’s important that the content is fun, exciting and most importantly, inspiring.

Another important part of working as a Social Media & Content Manager is managing the school’s website, content writing for our web pages, copywriting, as well as doing tasks such as updating website information, optimising content according to SEO (search engine optimisation), writing blogs, and monitoring website traffic using Google analytics tools. I also designed the website for our adult school, Stage & the City. I love the web development side to digital marketing, I find it extremely satisfying to see the finished product!

When working in this type of role, it’s important to measure and analyse the performance of campaigns. This includes finding out how well specific website pages have performed, what links have been clicked, where the web user was referred from, which search terms were used in search engines and how many people visited our website during a specific time scale.
For young people who would like to work behind the scenes in the performing arts industry, I would recommend starting a career in arts marketing. One of the great things about working in marketing is that you can have the opportunity to specialise in specific areas such as theatre or music.

Shadia Ashiru