Parent Testimonials

The Anna Fiorentini Drama Schools have a close relationship with all of the families they work with and regularly receive feedback from them. These are testimonials from families across all of the drama school branches.

My Daughter has been attending the Hackney drama school for a while now (over a year) and it has made a great difference in her life. She has made new friends and gained new skills. These have been really important for her. We are very grateful for all the dedication Anna Fiorentini has given to us.

Mum of a student

I’d just like to say thank you, as my daughter has grown with more confidence over the time she has been coming to film and theatre School. She is now doing a TV and Film Production course at University.

Mum of a student

Our daughter gets so much direct benefit from Anna Fiorentini and from the performance troupe. It has opened our eyes to an entirely different world and that is priceless.

Mum and Dad of a student

I appreciate the effort the teachers and staff at the school make and the enthusiasm that's shown towards the kids. It has been a very long and difficult year for my son due to his own health issues and having to come to terms with his father’s ill health has been very testing on him, and coming to Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School has given my son a chance to explore ideas, gain confidence and its really helped him make friends which was very difficult when he was at school and I have seen him really grow as an individual.

Mum of a student

First of all I want to thank all of the teachers who are involved with my son’s progression. He comes home every time very happy and cannot wait till the next Saturday ! You’re all doing a great job.

Dad of a student

I recently attended the theatre school open day in Hackney where my niece was taking part in a dance class. I was very impressed with the atmosphere of the school and the energy and enthusiasm of your teaching staff which clearly transfers to the students. I also attended a production in the summer where the students put on a showcase of their acting and dancing skills. I felt the excellent standard of their performances was enhanced by the warmth and support, which is evident, amongst the students and staff alike.

To set up a Theatre School of this calibre takes a lot of hard work and passion which is also evident. To create an atmosphere conducive to learning the theatrical arts, which encourages support amongst the students, is a natural skill that you and your teachers clearly possess.

Mum of a student

Anna Fiorentini has been part of our lives for the past 4 years and it has been a great partnership, the place my daughter always felt the happiest, allowing her to be herself encouraging, directing her best abilities and teaching her to believe in herself and developing her talents. For those reasons it is forever part of her life and I am grateful.

Mum of a student