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Stage and the City Logo3 Ways Taking Acting Classes Can Improve Confidence in Adults

It is common for people to lack confidence during their adolescent years, however many people continue to have low self-esteem later on in life. Confidence is essential in order for people to be able to take on challenges. The more confidence you have, the more you will value yourself!
Sometimes it can be hard to feel good about yourself when you think negatively about your own abilities. If you are highly critical of yourself and constantly remind yourself of your weaknesses, it can be hard to boost your self-assurance. The good news is there are many powerful ways for you to build your confidence! If you think low self-esteem is holding you back, here are 3 ways that acting classes can help you. Maybe the Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School can give you the confidence you've always wanted!

1. Acting Builds Social Skills - One of the most entertaining aspects of taking part in acting classes is socializing with others. Being around other like-minded people is an amazing way to develop new friendships and overcome shyness. The more time you spend interacting with others, the more your social skills will improve. In addition, performing on stage will help you become more outgoing and less socially awkward.

2. Acting Allows You To Express Yourself - Acting classes are a perfect way for you to explore your own individual creativity whilst improving your self-expression skills. Performing in front of an audience can be liberating and you can discover things about yourself that you may not of known! By performing on stage you can engage with yourself and others in a unique way, giving you the freedom and confidence to express yourself.

3. Acting Gives You A Sense of Accomplishment - Facing new challenges and reaching new goals outside of your average day-to-day tasks can be a great way of creating a sense of achievement. Learning a script and getting up on stage in front of an audience of strangers can be challenging for even the most confident, but there's no greater feeling than conquering your stage fright and performing a role well!
So if you feel like you are lacking confidence and would like to get involved in acting then why not come along to one of our London based adult acting classes here at Stage & the City! It doesn't matter if you've never acted before; we offer acting courses for beginners too!


The shared-hobby approach to dating & less awkward mingling

Ok I might not be the best person to give advice about dating….I am after all 42 years old and still single. But I like to think that is because I love my life and it would to have to take a pretty awesome man to whisk me off my feet, (I tell myself that rather than ask myself the inevitable question every female asks herself when they can’t find the one, ie am I too fat, too boring, does my breath smell etc)…but no I’m going to stick with, “I’m just too fussy”….makes me feel a lot better about myself!

And I am no Carry Bradshaw…how on earth these Sex & the City girls manage to find a date what feels like every night of the week is hard to understand…as gorgeous as they are!

But what I have learnt over the years is that most of the relationships I have had that have been successful, (obviously successful in that they were decent human beings as opposed to actually lasted) is that the best way to form connections is by sharing common interests.

Connect through shared interests

More and more people are joining dating sites and these are actually working really well for many. But there is always that niggling feeling in the back of your mind, “we are here to see if we actually fancy each other”…boy the pressure! I’ve actually been in situations where under any other circumstances we may have fancied each other but because we were placed together to see if we actually did or not it killed attraction dead!

So what do we do when most singletons now hide behind the net. Not sure about you, but if I’m in a relationship I will make time for that other person…but when I’m not in a relationship I don’t have the time for multiple pen pals and having to wreck my brain to try and find something witty to say so that they will pick me over all the hundreds of other women they are messaging. I feel like I need to take a marketing course just to compete on Tinder!

And I’m sure men feel the same…the horror stories I have heard from my male friends often makes me giggle. And these guys are pretty hot and charming. Yea I know what you’re thinking…. if I have so many attractive male friends why am I not dating them? Well first of all it takes two to tangle and as confident as I am in my work life there is no way in a million years I would ever make the first move. Yep I’m a coward! And secondly, as I said before, we are so used to hiding behind the net. It is way easier and safer to communicate with someone we may not actually meet and if we did we are not going to ruin an amazing friendship.

But here is the paradox. We all know that the best relationships are the ones based on friendship. But how do you create a genuine friendship if you know you’ve met to see if you fancy each other? Arrrrgh the complexities!

And the amount of courses I used to go on to build up my male connections. I even thought of doing a car mechanics course! But these courses all attracted tonnes of women. Why? Because I have since learnt that men don’t like to do courses to learn things…they would prefer to read a manual! So they are signed up to all the make-up and beauty courses thinking they are going to meet a female while all the females are getting frustrated learning to change a tyre!

Do what you enjoy & open up possibilities

So isn’t it better to do a course or become part of a group that encourages human beings to mingle with each other? Not only will you make great friendships but you may even meet someone you find attractive and shares a common interest with you. Classes that make you laugh and let your hair down are surely more likely to help you be your best self and maybe while you’re having fun, learning new skills and making new friendships you may even meet “the one”.

When I was trying to decide on a name for my new venture I now realise that the reason “Stage & the City” excited me was because of the subconscious connotations, (and big thanks to my journalist friend Claudia Cahalan for coming up with such a fab name)…..this will be the place that adults will come after work to distress have fun and maybe even find their next date!

Over the past few months I have seen the members of Stage & the City really bond with each other. And all the Facebook groups that have been created so that they can exchange ideas for their next social events has been amazing. At their first showcase in July they were able to meet participants from all the other classes and invite an audience of over 300 people who then came on and partied afterwards. It felt like a wedding…I know some people detest weddings but I love them. You all know that everybody is connected to the happy couple and that creates great opportunities for mingling.

I’m not sure if any of my students have got it together but I am certain that over the next few years I will be invited to the occasional wedding because they met on my soil! Or even better…their friendship circles have expanded so much through Stage & the City that they were able to meet friends of friends. And it is so much more fun being single when you know you have an extensive friendship group to laugh and play with!

Thanks Stage & the City for creating these opportunities


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